Identical to the S2, except that the paddle is shorter for use with freely-moving recordings.

To make the freely moving MEAs assembly, you will need to solder wire leads (28 gauge copper varnished magnet wire) from the PCB paddle to 4 pins and insert them in the ABS connector socket (Ginder Scientific 9 pin ABS plug GS09PLG-220). Paddle and wires are epoxied (5 min epoxy) in place . End user must coat and prepare Ag/AgCl/ reference electrode before use and it must be soldered and epoxied into the connector to seal against moisture. The Ag/AgCl reference electrode wire must be kept dark and soaked in 3M NaCl a minimum of 12 hours prior to calibration to assure stable baseline.

For in stock items, orders usually ship 2-3 days after order is received.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  All ceramic microelectrode arrays (MEAs) are pretested with peroxide to verify performance and only those that pass our stringent quality control criteria are shipped. There is no warranty or replacement for MEAs.

Glutamate- or choline-coatings are conditionally warranted.  Issues must be reported via email within 14 days of the FedEx delivery date. 

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